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Mid-Island Mortgage & Savings

  (Qualicum) Ltd. - Qualicum Beach, B.C.

We are extremely passionate about the mortgage business and enjoy the challenges and rewards associated with working with our clients to reach their financial goals.

Valuable information about issues surrounding purchasing a home and mortgages.

Helpful information about the different documentation and forms associated with real estate purchases.

Mid-Island Mortgage & Savings (Qualicum) Ltd.
191 Fern Road West - Qualicum Beach, B.C. V9K 1S4
p. 250 . 752 .6944
c. 250 - 228 - 7733

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Mortage Broker versus Canadian BankCanadians put a lot of trust in their banks and assume mortgages with RBC or BMO for example, are a safer bet then using a broker. This is not true. As a broker we simply place you with the best lender, which can include a large Canadian bank or a non-bank lending institution. Our service is free on all typical mortgage transactions and should be utilized. We deal with large financial institutions who offer the exact same mortgage terms (or often better) than the big 5 banks in Canada. We also have access to private funds for clients that do not qualify for typical funding or have special circumstances surrounding their loan. The mortgages we set up often have better interest rates, prepayment options and lower payout penalties than the banks. Please call us for more information.

Why Brokers are Simply Better:

  1. We shop the best rates and products from dozens of different Banks, Credit Unions and monolines.
  2. Our services are free on all typical mortgage transactions as the lenders pay us a finder’s fee. The Industry is changing and lenders now have to compete for business, so they value our referrals. 
  3. Your bank very rarely gives you the best rates and products. Most homeowners renew their mortgage every four or five years automatically, so they rarely receive the best rates and programs available. Because independent mortgage brokers can and do shop around, we are offered better rates by the lending institutions in order to get our business.
  4. Once we submit to your application to the lender, we normally have feedback within 24 hours. 
  5. One of our best benefits is we’re available on your terms. All of our clients have our direct office number as well as our cell phone number. We can be reached almost anytime.
  6. We take one credit bureau only and forward it to all the lenders. When multiple banks pull a credit bureau, your Beacon Score drops every time, sometimes eliminating the chance for the best mortgage or a mortgage at all.
  7. There’s a mortgage product available for almost everyone now. When a person’s situation isn’t ideal, there’s usually a story about why. It is our job to tell your story to the lender that will qualify you.
  8. We sincerely appreciate your business and want to do a good job for you. We share your excitement through the entire transaction and enjoy watching your home ownership goal come to fruition. 
  9. We are certified experts.  Most bank employees are not certified and only know about their own bank’s products. They cannot advise you to go to another lender where you can get qualified. Deal with a certified mortgage broker who specializes in mortgages from all lenders.
  10. We work for you, not the banks. We don’t get paid unless we fund your mortgage with a lender that is giving you the product you need. We work in your best interests.
  11. If the rates drop before you close you automatically get the lower rate and if rates go up you have the lower rate locked in. Most banks can’t offer this same type of commitment and rate protection.
  12. A mortgage broker is no longer the “lender of last resort”. Actually, we are becoming the first choice of the educated borrower.

From Mid-Island Mortgage & Savings you can Expect the Following:

  • We will always get you into the product that best meets your financial goals.
  • We will help you with long-term expert planning and will continue to work with you long after you initial transaction.
  • Call us anytime, 7 days a week.
  • We provide the highest chance of mortgage approval.
  • We have access to a many product options for you to choose from.

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